Advertising digital detox in the biggest social media hubs of New York and Silicon Valley

Who needs a digital detox more than the people of Silicon Valley and New York City? That's why we positioned our "Unhashtag Vienna" campaign right in front of the headquaters of the biggest digital global players like Google, Facebook and Apple.

We invited American travelers to stash their phones and close their Instagram to enjoy more mindful offline experiences while on vacation. The campaign is characteristically designed to spark lively "Vienna salon style" conversations on a controversial topic and relates to the quality of life. The "Unhashtag Vienna" campaign encourages travelers to experience more sensorially and discover Austria's capital behind all the filters of a smartphone camera.

Targeting the big players

From late April through May, a 360-degree campaign has been out in public spaces across the communication hubs of New York and Silicon Valley. The campaign mimics stylish, insta-savvy travelers who pay more attention to their smartphones than to the attractions in front of them.

While the backgrounds feature some of Vienna’s best-known sights, the actual focus is on the bizarre situation the photographers find themselves in. A large red ‘Barbara Kruger-esque’ hashtag splayed on the center of the image purposefully obscures the view even more, representing the missed opportunity to enjoy a stay to the fullest.

The four key images of the campaign are: selfies in front of Gustav Klimt’s iconic The Kiss, one of the world’s most photographed paintings, staged food composition at a traditional Viennese coffeehouse, a boyfriend going to great lengths to take the perfect shot of his girlfriend in the street, and the same loyal guy giving his all to photograph his girlfriend at the Vienna State Opera. The images have been shown across print, digital, vehicle and projected wallscape ads in the US.

The campaign debuts in New York with subway ads, digital bus shelter ads, wallscape, social media ads, 2D projections around Google’s and Facebook’s NYC HQs, and print ads. In Silicon Valley guerilla marketing ads have been splashed on LED Trucks that drove around the headquarters of amazon, yahoo!, Apple, Facebook and more of the web’s biggest players.

"Thank you, Vienna, for reminding me what is important in this socially dependent world."
Taygnaz, US Influencer